Obioma Fashion is a fashion company that mixes African fashion with western fashion. Our clothes are designed in America, made in Nigeria and available worldwide. They started in late March 2016 in DC and their team is currently in Nigeria and the United States of America. Their store is in Silver Spring, Maryland which is a suburb of Washington DC. They sell to consumers, retailers, and boutiques.  They also make clothes for designers because they have a factory in Nigeria. Obioma has events such as Pop Up shops and fashion shows.  Obioma translates to an Igbo tailor which was coined after the Biafran War.  Igbo people who lost the war and were impoverished made a living by carrying sewing machines on their heads, they mended clothes for a living.  From this humble beginning, they became multi-millionaire businessmen. They were called the Obioma.  Their logo has an Obioma on it.
Emeka is inspired by African Fabrics and Culture. He mixes African and western culture to make a unique product.
He wants to gain exposure for his company and network with like minded people. Here is a quote from him: “It is great to learn about Africa in a positive way. We have a rich Culture and heritage that we should embrace instead of run away from. We should also think positively about our heritage instead of negatively.”
His Instagram and Twitter is @myobioma and Facebook is Obioma Fashion.
You can book him by emailing

Emeka Goz Anyadiegwu

Managing Director of Obioma Fashion

Instagram and Twitter: @myobioma
Facebook: Obioma Fashion
Business #: (301) 658-8263
Personal #: (517) 803-3935
8120 Fenton St. Suite 204
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Models Featured by appearance: Emeka Goz Anyadiegwu (Designer), Brittny Amanda, Tadajah Coleman (VALM Founder), I’shanee Ford and Zoe Jones. 
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VALM would like to thank Obioma for allowing us to feature their beautiful designs in our Black History Edition. We would also like to give thanks to the wonderfully talented photographer for this shoot. Check out her interview down below:

Briyana Ford


– Introduction

Outrageously couth is one way to describe Briyana Ford’s current portfolio.  Utilizing LED lights and her personal favorite, fur, she is able to tastefully challenge the photographic norms with clients who come to her looking for more than just a photoshoot.  They come for an experience.
– What is your business entitled?
Her business is entitled “Gold Soul”

– What kind of business do you have?
Gold Soul is a photography business that incorporates the celebration of self in all aspects of its creative direction.  Her mission is to help the model get their unconventional artistic vision out while helping them find what makes them a “Gold Soul”. Through personable consultations & a strong team, she is able to heal as well as curate with clients.

– How long have you been in the industry?

Roughly two years

– What or who inspires you most to keep going?

She gets inspired to keep going when she sees what it takes to make a photo shoot come to fruition.  Briyana looks at all of the people involved and see how everyone’s individual skills aided in the production of a quality photo.  From makeup to hair and even creative direction, all of these thoughts manifested into the outcome of a single product.  These individuals come together for this common goal of producing quality and find out they have more in common than the photo shoot This concept is really beautiful to Briyana.

– Are you available for booking?

Yes, for further inquires Email
– Where can people find and follow you?  (Website, social media???)

IG- @GoldSoul.Photo
– What do you hope to gain being featured in VALM?

Exposure to  individuals who are interested in finding their “Gold Soul”
– Any last words you would like your audience to know? (Quotes or encouragement)

The hardest part is starting.  Once you pass all of that self doubt and over thinking, whatever you want to do in life is more than possible.  What makes you a Gold Soul?


Thank you to all our beautiful models and to everyone for making this issue possible! VALM loves you all, Happy Black History Month!